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Background Remove

Background remove service is an effective way to remove the background from a photo. This can be done in many ways using Photoshop. Most photographers need this service to get a perfect background for their product shoot. Usually, photo background remove is done by Photoshop using selection. Clipping path, masking, color range selection are usually done by these technics.

Ghost Mannequin

Some people call them ghost mannequin others invisible mannequins. Whichever term used the ambition is the same; the hollow man (or woman) effect with the least amount of post-processing possible. And get appealing apparel product photos so you can sell more products.

Model photography is expensive and mannequins are distracting.

Photo Musking

Image masking is one of the basic image processing operations. It is used to remove the background of photographs which have blurred edges or hair portions. We at Ms photo editing center ensure that every picture you send us is finished to the very best standards. As such, we provide an image masking service for photos that are not suitable for a standard clipping path – delivering great results to clients who expect nothing less than perfect. Our highly skilled photoshop experts use the latest Photoshop masking techniques to remove backgrounds from images such as hair or a Christmas trees, resulting in great finishing that looks consistently professional. Even if the image is set against the most detailed background of dark or gradient color, we can separate it from the foreground image whilst maintaining high quality and a fantastic level of detail.

At the same time at Ms photo editing center, we also ensure the best price and quick turnaround for your Image masking projects. As we well understand the meaning of outsourcing is saving your time and money.

Color Correction

Color correction of images ensures that they are light balanced and adjusted to the correct tonal range. Adjustments include exposure, color temperature, and tint, highlight and shadow compensation, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, and clarity.
Ms photo editing center is a premium photo editing outsourcing service provider from Bangladesh deliver expert Color Correction Services at best price and fast turnaround time.

Photo color correction team at Ms photo editing center has expertise in the different types of digital photo color correction services.
Following is a list of the image color correction services offered by Ms photo editing center

• Adjusting color tones
• Adjusting the brightness &contrast
• Adjusting the white balance
• Removing red eyes
• Change product color


Don’t toss an image aside just yet. With our Photoshop retouching service we can remove spots or blemishes from images. This means we can create a blemish-free skin surface on images of models, and remove unsightly marks and scratches from any product image.


shadow is very important in digital images for an authentic and fresh look. It is possible to get a more natural look for images using the shadow service. Normally, a shadow exists when the photograph is taken however; more often than not, it is not part of the photo. When looking at a subject in an image, the shadow gives the image a more genuine and attractive look

Our Clients

“Great job,your editors exceeded my expectations.They took directions seriously and executed ideas perfectly as per the testes and perferences.All the images look good and there is nothing which i can point out. I can not express my happiness on outcome your support will definitely give a kick start to my business.Keep up the good work!” 

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